So so weeek

This week was pretty good it was. Interesting I went outside to the park. Then went to play shark tag. Which was ok for me  but yeah. Got nothing else to right so peace out dudes.
















































































































































Back from my trip

Hello! I know it’s been a. So I apologize for that it’s. Just my birthday passed and I have been away. In Puta Cana where it rained on and off for two days. But everything else was pretty fun food was great. They had party games which I failed one. But it was still fun and played Water Volleyball. Which I was pretty decent at everything else. Was cool money is different but different is good. Anyways it’s time to wrap up this short. Blog peace out girl and boys scouts them/they scouts.

So So week

So this week was like the. Post it was so so week. I went to the Holiday Market. Then got to see many different Things that were pretty cool yet. Expensive went to go grab lunch. That was a burrito and try. Jellybeans that was sometimes bad aka. Rotten Egg utterly disgusting and I gave . Ryan a dirt jellybean which he. Proclaimed it really did taste like. Dirt then went to play King. Of The Hill on this giant . Metal ball which was pretty slippery. Yet fun also it was really cold out there. But in the end I managed. To get some gloves and a. New hat that has stars on. Them welp that is all I have for today byeee. See ya next week then Winter Break.

This good week

As the tittle says it was. A good week it was my first .Time going to a parent interest. Night it was pretty good I. Even though there was some delays. Causing me to get late to. School also it is 4 weeks. Till Star Wars The Rise of. Skywalker I am so excited to. See it so far it looks great. Finally I have gotten my glasses. So I am not blind anymore!! I can play poker much better. Now I can see the board. Then also see the movie which. Will be clear to me so. I can bring in the bacon. In hopefully be in first or. Second place at least I do. Enjoy tacos so it all works out.

Back Again

I am quite proud of myself. This the second week in a row. Where I have blogged instead of. Doing it one time sorry Abby! but. The week has been rather good.To me played Shark Tag at. Close park rather cold that day. But I had food to warm.Me up so I experienced Disney+. It is rather disappointing that there. Was only 18 Marvel movies I. Know right can’t believe it either. Yeah Fox produced some marvel movies. And now Fox is owned by. Disney so where is the moviesss. Oh right Sony is not on. Good terms with Disney they took. Away Spider Man with Tom Holland. And Tobey Maguire It’s really sad. But on a another happy note. There will be a Black Widow. Movie that has rumored to have. Iron Man idk about you but. I will be happy to see. RDJ one more time that’s all. Folks btw it’s almost Star wars.  Movieee hope to see some people. There bye have a good weekend.

My so so week

Today was a pretty good day. It was a Star Wars movie. Going on forgot the name oops. Then there was a poker game. Which was pretty good cause it. Is pretty fun to see the. “Great” poker faces that people tried. To have welp enough about poker. Expect for one thing I made 844. More money then I usually make in. Poker also during this week my. Sister from GA came to visit. Bringing my nephew Mason with her. He is pretty great but if you’re not. Careful he will try to eat your. Fingers despite already eating another thing. Mason and my other nephew Kenai. Got into a slow mo baby. Fight which I sadly missed because. I was at school even though. I wanted to be at home.To witness that welp that is . All of my blog. GOODBYEEEEEEEE

A Good Week

This week it has been great for. Me I played Shark tag with. The almighty Ryan Lion because of his hair it is like a lion’s mane hence the Ryan Lion I may have gotten out but it is okay I did manage to get some swings in at the park but let’s talk about the most important thing THE BAKE SALE it was a success if I do say so myself I got so much money but hey I’m not complaining it was a great experience for me and others but it was great seeing Oliver again really missed the and his random moments today was pretty good also Poker was amazing as always got some pretty good hand and others not so much Game night was also a success here’s some advice DAVID IS ALWAYS THE WEREWOLF

Well this week has been awesome I got a Nintendo Switch which is great btw I highly suggest that you get it. It has been my mom’s birthday and tomorrow it is my sister so yeahhh people are getting old. Me included so yeah see you next time on Dragon Ball Z