Well this week has been awesome I got a Nintendo Switch which is great btw I highly suggest that you get it. It has been my mom’s birthday and tomorrow it is my sister so yeahhh people are getting old. Me included so yeah see you next time on Dragon Ball Z


Guess who’s back? Back again

Hello everyone I know it has been a while so I have made a choice to write a lot. For this week has been pretty fun I have gotten my outfit for Halloween. But today My mother and I will be finishing up my costume because it has not yet. Been completed I am jumping with joy to go spend some time with my mom. Anyways I have to enjoy the rest of my day byeee see you next Friday!!!


This week so far

This week was a very stressful one and fun I went to Barnes and Noble, got to read some cool books also eat Shick Shack. I had also got a free soda BABUSHKA I DID IT AGAIN if you did not know it’s from Liza Khosy a youtuber and viner . I had also did Bed Wars and Al chorus which was really fun.


So this week was fairly good I’m glad to see all of the people I missed which was fun. I also got to meet new people which was awesome I think that this year they will make it even funnier. I got to say I will really missed this place and the people but it’s nice to be back. I also think this year will be a good year but gtg minecraft is calling me so buh bai


Today was a so so day I did go to the park and went fishing so that was fun maybe next weekend will be fun “shrugging” but no one knows

Good week

For this week it was awesome i got to eat out a lot with friends and this Sunday  I’m going to a party which i guess will be fun what i did for today was get chicken and rice along with some sushi it was really good including eating some good fries